August 7, 2020

Tata Sky Channel Packs & Online Recharge Available

tata sky dth recharge

TATA Sky DTH Plans and Packages | Online Recharge

A Dish Tv is pretty self-explanatory. It uses only a ‘Set-Top Box’ and a dish antenna. The dish catches signals from satellite and shows hundreds of channels depending on the package you choose. In today’s world, this is the best kind of cable service you can get. Tata Sky has worked its way hard to get on top of their competitions. Doesn’t matter if you’re living in the city or far away in a town, you will get channels as far as there are satellite signals there. You can watch your favorite channels whether its business, news, sports, lifestyle, movies, dramas, music, science, or a sitcom. Available in full HD with stunning voice quality. The installation is very simple, the dish is connected to STB using a cable. It will be installed by a professional who will calculate the positions for optimum performance. The packages are also cheap and mind-blowing providing a wide range of your favorite channels.


There are many dish tv packages available on our site for you to choose from. Each package gives you a few categories and a language in which the channels will be broadcasted. There are a lot of languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, and Bengali. There are dish tv HD packages and SD packages. The dish tv channel package list with the price given below is for each month however they are also available for up to 12 months. They are also just a few packages among many.

Package NameDurationCost
Bengali Hindi Family Kids Sports HD1 Month$10.50
Bengali Hindi Premium Sports English1 Month$8.60
Hindi Basic1 Month$6
Hindi Basic HD1 Month$7.50
Kannada Family Kids Sports HD1 Month$9.60
Kannada Basic HD1 Month$7
Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports Eng HD1 Month$14
Marathi Hindi Family Sports HD1 Month$10.40
Marathi Hindi Premium Sports English HD1 Month$11.25
Tamil Telugu Premium Sports English HD1 Month$15

Online Dish Tv Recharge

Doesn’t matter where you are, you can recharge your dish tv in a couple of seconds. The dish tv recharge offers to allow you to pay for the services with the ease of home using a credit or debit card. Simply add a dish tv package to your cart or go to the existing dish tv package you are enjoying and just add your card number to make the transaction. It doesn’t matter where you are. We also provide this service for people in foreign countries. The following countries are covered to enjoy the dish tv recharge offers:

  1. Afghanistan

You are provided with a dish tv recharge in Afghanistan by the simple online payment method available. There are online agents available 24/7 to help you if you get stuck at any point or face a difficulty

  1. The United Arab Emirates

Yes! Your services are available in United Arab countries as well. Easily get your dish tv recharge in the middle eastern countries with the ease of your home. Just visit our site, add your information, and make a secure payment to continue watching your television. Following are the countries the dish tv recharge is available in:

  • Dish Tv Recharge in Dubai
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Abu-Dhabi
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Sharjah
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Fujairah
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Ras-Al-Khaimah
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Ajman
  • Dish Tv Recharge in Umm Al Quwain
  1. Bahrain

Easily and recharge your dish tv in Bahrain by visiting our site and refreshing your package via online transactions.

  1. Kuwait covers the whole Middle East as they are one of the biggest consumers of dish tv connections. Easily subscribe to our services and pay without going to any store or anything simply recharge your dish tv in Kuwait by a secured bank transaction.

  1. Qatar

We put forth the ease of our customers before anything else and so provide dish tv recharge in Qatar among many other eastern countries.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Over time, having a dish tv service in Saudi Arabia has become a piece of cake. You can also easily pay through your phone or laptop from your credit or debit card. The transaction is encrypted and secure from any fraud.


The dish tv channel list you get entirely depends on the package you are subscribed to. They depend on the language and category you choose for instance whether its English, Hindi, or Bengali, etc. whether you selected a movie package, a dish tv sports package, a family package, or any package of your choice from the dozens of options. To get an idea of the category and language option of the dish tv channel package see the following:

  1. English Channels
  • HBO HD
  • STAR Gold Select HD
  • Sony MAX HD
  • UTV Action
  • History TV18 HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Animal Planet HD World
  • Discovery HD World
  • BBC World
  1. Hindi channels
  • &pictures
  • Zee Action
  • Zee Cinema
  • Colors Cineplex
  • UTV Movies
  • STAR Plus
  • &tv
  • Zee TV
  • Colors
  • Colors Rishtay


How can I choose my Tata Sky package?

You can visit the official site of the tata sky or you can simply do it here as well. Just select from the wide range of packages available in the menu and add it to your cart. Provide your credit/debit card details to make an easy and secure purchase from the ease of your home.

Is Airtel better or Tata Sky?

If we compare both service providers side to side we’ll see that Airtel is better than Tata Sky. Whilst both DTH providers have almost the same hardware and software, there are few more pros of Airtel. Airtel provides more channels and has a universal remote.

Is Tata Sky expensive?

As compared to other dish tv service providers, Tata Sky is expensive. They revise their plans annually and more often the prices go up. However, the cost comes with ease as well. There’s a 24/7 customer service and the interface is so much easy to use.

Does Tata Sky support 4K?

Yes! Tata Sky does support 4K resolution but for that, you need to get the Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K set-top box. It supports 4K resolution and 10-bit true color. Along with that all SD and HD features are somewhat included as well.