April 22, 2021

Dish Tv Online Recharge | Packs & Offers

Dish Tv Recharge


Dish TV is an Indian company that provides television service Direct to Home (DTH) in India and several countries of UAE. Dish TV is operated by the Zee Group and the Videocon Group. They provide great DTH service for its customer’s entertainment.

Dish TV was launched by Zee TV on October 2, 2003. Dish TV got ranked at number37 and number 5 IN 2011 on the media companies list in Fortune India 500 roster of India’s largest corporation. It also stands out as the most trusted DTH brand of India according to the Brand Trust Report of 2014. Dish TV completed a merger with Videocon d2h and created the largest DTH India provider. 

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Dish TV Online Recharge

Dish TV provides the facility to recharge online within 5 minutes. It offers the facility of online dish TV  recharge in India, dish TV  recharge in Afghanistan, dish TV  recharge in Saudi Arabia, and several countries of UAE like Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Ajman, Abu Dhabi Ras Al Khaimah, Bahrain, Umm Al Quwain, and many others. 

Dish TV Prices and Packages

A lot of online dish TV recharge packages of 2020 are being offered. You can get discounted offers up to 40% for longer subscriptions. 

For example, if you have subscribed to dish TV for the last 3 months and above, you will get an extra service of dish TV for 7 days. If you have subscribed to dish TV for the last 6 months and above, you will get an extra service of 15 days and if you have subscribed to dish TV for the last 12 months or above, you will get 30 days extra service along will free box swap. 

These discounted offers are available on channel packages, HD packages, and SD channel packs and are offered in the form of bundles. 

Dish TV Channels List

The most prominent feature of Dish TV is the variety of channels offered. Dish TV broadcasts about 400+ channels including different categories and packs. All the channels ensure to provide HD quality to provide a premium picture and sound quality for the best user experience. 

The users have a wide range of channels to choose the channel of their own choice. The different categories of channels include English movie channels, Bollywood movies channels, religious channels, cartoon channels, cooking channels, sports channels, entertainment channels, NEWS channels, and many more. 

Dish TV Packs

Other than selecting your favorite channels from a wide range of channels, dish TV packs are also offered for some different types of viewers.  These are the dedicated packs that include only the channels that you select and only show the channels that you want to see. 

These packs allow you to select and pay only for the channels that you want to see and not for the hundreds of useless channels.  These packs include the new pack, family pack, HD pack, sawagat pack, mera apna pack, recharge pack, super-family pack, channel pack, monthly pack, sports pack, annual pack, and many more like them. 

Dish TV Payment Method

Dish TV comes with the most secure method of online payment through debit and credit cards. It understands the insecurity of cash payment and to provide the best and secure service for the regular customers, it provides the facility of credit and debit card payment. 

Dish TV Customer Care Service

Dish TV takes care of its customers, whether regular or new, and offers the best customer care service. It provides a 24/7 service to entertain and oblige the customers around the globe. 

The dish TV packs and bundles are another gesture of good customer care service provided. The prices and packages are also designed while keeping the comfort and ease of the customers in mind. The scam free and fraud fewer services provided by dish TV makes it professional and unique from other companies. 

Dish TV Plans

Dish TV always comes with a new plan every year according to the needs and requirements of the customers. It includes the recharge plan as well as the services plan. The new plan of dish TV 2020 provides the best recharge offers, packages, and customer care services. 

Dish TV Login

Dish TV provides a secure and organized platform to its customers to get themselves registered and become a part of the dish TV family. It asks for a user type, user ID, and a password to maintain the privacy of every customer and gets them registered safely with dish TV. 

Once registered, dish TV takes the customer to the login of ‘My Account’. This is a recharge login of the customers that helps them to make payments easily. 

Dish TV HD

Dish TV offers a supreme offer for its respectable customers. The dish TV HD is the offer to provide High Definition picture and sound quality to the customer to have the best experience. HD dish TV enhances the picture and sound quality and multiplies the performance rate of dish TV.  Dish TV offers a variety of HD channels, HD packs, HD packages, HD recharge, HD offers, and HD plans. 

Dish TV SD

Dish TV also has offers for its regular customers at low rates. The dish TV SD is the offer that provides standard definition picture and sound quality for a better experience while watching a movie or sports. Several new SD channels, SD plans, SD packs, and SD recharge offers have been introduced shortly for the year 2020. 


  1. What are dish TV packs?

Ans. Dish TV packs allow you to avoid the unwanted channels and watch and pay only for the channels of your choice.

  1. What is the payment method for the dish TV recharge?

Ans. For online dish TV recharge, you can pay safely through your debit or credit card. 

  1. What is the discount package for a 6 months subscriber?

Ans. If you have subscribed to dish TV for 6 months or more, you can enjoy 5 days extra service of dish TV. 

  1. How many channels are offered by dish TV?

Ans. Dish TV offers more than 400 channels of different categories including movies, sports, fashion, news, cartoon, religion, dramas, and many more.